© 2013


by Karl Larsson

Based on H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book, Swedish artist and poet Karl Larsson's Commonplace assembles textual scraps and fragments of ideas into a collage of contemporary formlessness and terror. The book was published as part of Pictures of The Moon With Teeth, the visual arts component of the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival, curated by Kristan Kennedy. Commonplace is also the name of Larsson's exhibition, which was made in collaboration with Portland artist Morgan Ritter. The book can be considered a piece in Larsson's and Ritter's exhibition of sculptures. It was designed by Pascal Prošek with Container Corps. Each book is contained within a unique dust jacket that was printed with a multi-layered offset and letterpress technique developed for the book.

80 pages | 110 x 184 mm | Edition of 200 | Printed offset in black, Saddle stitched with unique dust jacket | $10 | Add to cart