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by Lucy Skaer

Lucy Skaer, a Glasgow-based artist, acquired the original metal plates used to print the front pages of the Guardian newspaper for two weeks in April 2013. Skaer used a chemical deletion process to strategically remove the majority of the imagery and text from the plates. The pages were then printed directly from these modified plates in our studio. Whats left are beguiling traces of events both world changing and mundane. Removed from context, these images combine into an evocative, impressionistic portrait of our times. The extra-large scale of this hand-bound, numbered edition—an impressive 13 by 18 inches—reflects both the scale of the newspaper and the capacity of the press.

32 pages | 13 x 18 in. | Numbered edition of 200 | Printed offset in full color | Hand oversewn quarterbound | $100 | Add to cart